Venturing new paths with nature

Suspension bridge Sulden


You can find your balance and experience thrills by crossing the suspension bridge, which is only 150 cm wide.
This suspension bridge connects the Steig Nr. 2 leading to the Hintergrathütte with the Wanderweg Nr. 1, which leads to the Schaubachhütte/Madritschhütte.

The crossing is a bit of a test of courage, as the roaring waters and several people crossing can cause the bridge to sway.

Continuing along path no. 2, the trail leads uphill over glacier-ground rocks – some of which have been carved into comfortable steps. At the top of the lateral moraine, you can take a 5-minute detour to the right to a vantage point where you have a particularly good view of the entire end of the Sulden valley. The path towards “Hintergrathütte” crosses a slope with fragrant alpine flowers