Our massages for your well-being


Classical massages

Partial massage

Here the massage is individually adapted to you.

ca. 25 minutes

Sports massage (legs and feet)

Highly recommended after sports, as the massage of the leg and foot muscles increases the production of synovial fluid in the joints.

ca. 25 minutes

Wellness massage with aromatic oil

Enjoy the soothing relaxation massage with fragrant oils.

ca. 50 minutes

Full body massage

The muscles are loosened, the flow of blood and lymph is stimulated and tension is released.

ca. 50 minutes

Special massages

Bioenergetic full-body massage according to "Piroche"

Through efficient vacuum drainage, the tissue is purified and cell regeneration is promoted. The body is returned to its natural balance.

ca. 50 minutes

"Piroche" anti-cellulite massage

By means of bioenergetic vacuum drainage and through the use of products that have been individually put together for you, the affected zones are treated and the tissue is optimally purified, strengthened and tightened.

ca. 50 minutes

Stimulating foot reflexology massage according to Hanne Marquart

Well-being and inner balance through stimulation of the pressure points that influence bones and organs.

ca. 40 minutes

La Stone Therapy

Experience the power of stones….
La Stone Therapy is a fascinating combination of massage, energy work and the beneficial effects of hot basalt and cold marble stones. It brings more harmony and balance into our lives. In combination with intensive massage strokes, the blood circulation is strongly stimulated, the musculature is particularly deeply loosened, the self-healing powers of the organism are activated, resulting in a very intense feeling of well-being.

ca. 75 minutes

Euro 85,00

Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage with warm sesame herb oil

The Ayurvedic foot massage has a balancing effect on stress, sleep disturbances, feelings of cold and inner restlessness.

ca. 50 minutes

Kundalini – Ayurvedic back massage with warm sesame herb oil

The Ayurvedic back massage gets energy flowing again. Appropriate oils strengthen the muscle, bone and nerve tissue.

ca. 50 minutes