Pure mountain Sulden

Improve health and well-being at 1,900 m!


Environment and climate are healthy!

In Sulden, nature contributes to your well-being!

You are on holiday in Sulden at the Ortler in South Tyrol and protect the environment and climate at the same time.

The electric power in Sulden is generated from the local hydroelectric power plant, the biomass firing in the district heating plant is CO2 neutral and the CO2 emissions from the few cars in Sulden are quickly processed thanks to the high timberline.

At Hotel Zebru you support the environment and strengthen sustainability!

Super air quality in Sulden because of its geographical position:.
Our region is largely protected from air pollution of any kind from conurbations and industrial areas!

The valley basin of Solda, at an altitude of approx. 400-500 m, is bordered by a forest belt, whose scents – including wood terpenes in low concentrations – improve the air quality.

Herbs and grasses of the high mountain vegetation have special fine scents.
…when you move from your usual altitude to Sulden, there are noticeable changes due to the change in climate.

At first this can manifest itself in tiredness and an increased need for sleep, but after a few days your body adjusts and you feel increasingly more comfortable and balanced.

You will find reduced air temperatures and reduced humidity in our stimulating climate in Sulden. The inhaled air is heated and humidified to 37° C and 100% humidity with every breath. When you exhale, this humidity is released from the bronchial system and helps to soothe irritated bronchial tubes.

Already your stay in Sulden, has a training effect for the body!

Your body receives enough oxygen in Sulden (our hotel is located at 1,920m) so that it produces more young, red blood cells and improves the transport of oxygen to the cells.

When you walk in the heights of Sulden, you achieve the same training effects as with a fast run on the plain.
…these positive effects of the stimulating climate in Sulden can be further enhanced by physical activity.

Ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers!

Asthmatics can take a deep breath and relax …!

Finally, positive effects on asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases as well as anti-inflammatory effects are known. All in all, our stimulating climate strengthens the immune system.

At an altitude of 1,900 m, the flowering period for grass pollen is limited to two weeks. From July onwards, the mountain world is considered allergen-free. Also mites and bacteria have little chance at this altitude. *A stay in the mountains means pure regeneration!

The pollen in Sulden is not contaminated by pollutants, which greatly reduces its allergenic potential. Due to the delayed and shortened flowering time of the grasses, flowers and trees compared to the lower altitudes, people who are allergic to certain pollens can avoid the flowering times in the valley.

…several studies have shown that house dust mites have less chance to survive from 1,200 m altitude and are no longer present from 1,600 m altitude, compared to 400 living mites per gram of dust at 850 m above sea level?

Climatic terraine cure!

Sulden at the Ortler offers excellent climatic conditions for the climatic terrain cure.
The altitude, from the valley floor at 1,850 m to altitudes above 3,000 m, is the most important feature of the climatic conditions of Sulden at the Ortler.
The lack of oxygen, the cold stimulus that is present all year round and the high UV-B intensity intensify the positive stimulating effects of the climatic terrain cure. With the right dosage, the stimulus intensity of the high mountain climate of Sulden at the Ortler has a health-promoting effect.
Furthermore, the low allergen content in Sulden at the Ortler relieves house dust mite, pollen and mould allergy sufferers during their stay and during the climatic terrain cure.