Training the seven intelligences

EVOPÄD®-Training course


Life in balance

“Whatever difficulties we have in life, we always have a lack of balance. But there are different types and forms of balance. In the course of our evolutionary development, we humans have passed through the different stages of development from the “being lying in the water” to us today as “modern, upright human beings”. And each stage of development in this “uprighting process” has given birth to its own form of balance. Our years of experience show that every problem, every challenge in our lives, also needs its own form of balance.”

M.A.-Phil. Ludwig Koneberg

In the EVOPÄD® training course, seven stations have been set up along the Suldner Culture Trail, where the respective imbalance can be trained quickly, loosely, playfully and joyfully. This trail is possible for everyone, young and old, pupils, craftsmen, managers.

Pädagogischer Kinderlernpfad EVOPÄD im Sommer
Pädagogischer Kinderlernpfad EVOPÄD im Sommer