Anti Age


EXPRESSIONS - Natural Lifting Treatment

The “natural lifting concept” is an intensive facial care for the reduction of expression lines and dryness. It smoothes and firms the skin and supports natural cell renewal.
The result is a rejuvenated, firmed and vital skin.

ca. 55 minutes

Noesis Anti-Age Facial Care

Cleansing, exfoliation, facial drainage, lift-off mask, breast gel, relaxing massage, eyebrow correction.

ca. 85 minutes

Heavy Legs Wrap

Partial body wrap for revitalising heavy legs. Has a draining effect on the tissue through a special wrapping method. The legs are given a wonderful feeling of lightness. Suitable for water retention and spider veins.

ca. 25 minutes

Cellulite Wrap

This partial body wrap has a draining and firming effect, especially for the treatment of cellulite. Optimally suited for local adiposity (fat deposits in the tissue), it is strengthened and tightened.

Treatment 3 times is recommended

ca. 50 minutes