In the Soft-Pack bath or in the wooden bathtub


In the Soft-Pack bath

Evening primrose oil bath

A very moisturising bath that counteracts the ageing process of the skin. It is cell-activating, invigorating and moisturising and is especially recommended for dry, sensitive skin and skin irritations.

ca. 25 minutes

Original hay bath with Suldner Alpine hay

The hay bath leads to an overheating of the body that is gentle on the circulation and stimulates the metabolism. This results in a gentle purification and pleasant relaxation.

ca. 45 minutes

Algae bath

It supplies the skin with minerals, moisture and nutrients. It has a purifying effect and makes the skin resistant.

ca. 45 minutes

Fango bath

This bath has a metabolism-activating, circulation-promoting, muscle-loosening and cramp-relieving effect. Fango application is an ancient and very effective heat therapy.

ca. 45 minutes

In the wooden bathtub

Cleopatra bath

This bath with mare’s milk has a hydrating, balancing and slightly moisturising effect. The skin is supplied with essential vitamins and minerals. The skin feels silky soft.

ca. 25 minutes

Rose petal bath

Lightly moisturising, hydrating, balancing and mood-lifting bath. You get an all-round nourished and lightly scented skin.

ca. 25 minutes

Bath for athletes

Special essential oils, such as cinnamon, lavender, naiouli, bitter orange, help the body to break down the lactic acid accumulated during exercise.

ca. 25 minutes

Energy bath

A true energy kick for body and mind. The body is immediately given a feeling of freshness and energy by the mixture of mint, lemon, rosemary, lavender, thyme.

ca. 25 minutes

Tyrolean hay flower bath

Immerse yourself and dive into the Suldner mountain meadows. Relaxation for body and mind.

ca. 25 minutes

Baths with essential oils tailored to your personal needs

These baths promote well-being and have a noticeably relaxing effect. They have a skin-rejuvenating, detoxifying and purifying effect and promote the elimination of water from the subcutaneous and connective tissues.

ca. 25 Minuten